Uncovering Extremes

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I was always taught in school to start your story off with something that will grab the readers attention. Well this book definitely followed that rule. From the first sentence you were put right into the story. No waiting around to see when something will finally happen, no flipping through the pages trying to see how long until something good is going to happen. This book had the reader’s attention from the very beginning. I really liked that the author started off the way she did. This allowed us as readers to get curious about the story and then when she winded back a bit to explain how the character got there, it all made sense and kept the story entertaining.

I like that the character was thrown into a new situation so fast and even she doesn’t know what she is doing. This allows us to learn with the character and understand how she grows. I love how strong the main girl is. She isn’t scared to give a guy a taste of his own medicine. The plot is interesting, and we have well rounded characters to give it to us.

As for the cover, I prefer more simpler designs. There is a lot going on in the cover that I don’t know what to look at. But even though I think it is a bit chaotic I like the details in her glasses. I think it’s going to foreshadows what is going to come.