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Yolanda is an ambitious, young attorney with her whole career ahead of her. That is until the FBI arrives and in order to preserve herself, and her career, she helps to expose the crimes of the senior partners. Once it becomes known that Yolanda turned whistleblower no other firm is willing to hire her on in the securities sector. Unsure of what else to do she seeks employment with the FBI. Once Yolanda becomes an agent she is assigned to a case in San Francisco in which she is expected to surveil an "eco terrorism" group. Given the political activism that Yolanda experienced during her upbringing it will be very interesting to see if she will discover that Red, Black, and GREEN is ultimately in the right and only looking to help their community, or if she will side with the feds and dismiss their fears as unwarranted. The book starts off with an intriguing premise and I would love to see where it leads!