A Fun Read on Timely Subjects

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Whistle Blower. Life changing decisions. Female protagonist Yolanda knows what that feels like. She is an intelligent young woman who ends up working for the FBI and gets reassigned because she has "previous exposure to the subject population" -Black Americans. But as a Black female who did not seek out this assignment, she is not exactly pleased, especially since her superior added the insult that it is not her skills as such a junior officer that earned her this assignment with a Black Identity extremist organization.

Off Yolanda goes, from Newark to a small Northern California town. Her undercover story is that she is an attorney. Yolanda feels confident that has had enough experience with teenagers from coaching girls' basketball. However, the reader can sense that this is not going to be easy or all smooth sailing. The preview chapters ended too soon to know if this will be a four star or a five star read, but it definitely promises to be entertaining.