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Treasures are not always things.

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This book is a nice, sweet romance with a treasure hunt thrown in. I'm always up for a romance, but the rest of the story has to be interesting. Plus, there must be a story.
Millie works two jobs so she can keep her Grandmother in a nursing home. There had been money enough to keep her inn a better home than the one Millie can afford, but a swindler stole it. Now the home Grandmother is in wants her out and Millie has only a rumor about a treasure her Great-grandmother knew and wrote about. Ben is working three jobs to pay back people his mother swindled. With those jobs, Ben will be a very old man before he finishes paying back the last one of the ones he has learned about. There are more he hasn't found. Both of them work at The Chateau, where Millie's Great-grandmother spent a special summer and where there might be a treasure enough to solved both of their financial problems.
That is the set up for this gentle Christian romance. We get into the lives of Millie, her Great-grandmother and Ben. We watch them fall in love. I found it to be a good read, best on a weekend evening.
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