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This book instantly charmed me with its synopsis about discovering secrets in a library and I had to know more! And given that it was the first in a new series, I was even more intrigued. Now having spent a whirlwind adventure on the Georgia coast, I CANNOT wait to come back!

Generations collide in this heartwarming story of Millie attempting to learn the truth behind her great-grandmother's past, which may prove beneficial in solving the financial burdens she faces in trying to provide the means to support her grandmother's long term care with Alzheimer's in assisted living. Unfortunately, the weight of the world rests on Millie's shoulders and has been for quite some time. Despite her grandmother's condition, Millie makes a final leap of faith to find an elusive treasure that may belong to her family. There is so much for any reader to enjoy with this story filled with elements of mystery, suspense, romance, and history that blends into an incredible spiritual message about forgiveness.

The relationship that develops between Millie and Ben is so believable and breathtaking. While we are only with them for a short time, their moments together never felt rushed. In fact, the pacing was done so incredibly well as to simultaneously build on the gradual attraction felt between them, while also showcasing that time is of the essence in the race to uncover secrets. They each have their own strong and relevant reasons for wanting to find this treasure and initially only need each other in order to gain that reward; however, as they gradually get to know one another and allow their walls to come down, they ultimately find love, the greatest prize of all.

"Real love isn't love because it's easy or always feels good. It's love because you choose not to be self-serving."

It is always so refreshing to read about characters living beyond themselves and trying to make a difference in the world around them. Both Millie and Ben truly embodied that spirit, and it is through them and their connections with others, that Johnson took this light romance to an inspiring level.

Additionally, please humor me as I wax poetically about the important role books play throughout the story! Millie's penchant for reading so many romance books really set the bar high for any potential suitor. And let's just say that Ben was by far a truly worthy match in making her own fairy tale come true. While I'm not generally a fan of the epistolary format, I was won over by Johnson's writing style and looked forward to joining Millie in the reading of the diary to learn more right along with her.

Overall, this was an incredibly heartwarming story