Chateau treasure

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This is one of LIz Johnson's Georgia Coast Romance novels. I enjoyed the two main character Millie (Camilla) and Ben. Their personalities were complimentary and played off each other well. Millie- struggling granddaughter trying to take care of her Grandma Joy, finds work at local Chateau- historical house working as what I think best could be described as an actress on the "grounds" and actress of tours in the historical home. Ben is working three jobs: history professor, librarian, and security at the Chateau. His need for three jobs is to make amends for past "wrongs". These two meet and find that their is a treasure on the grounds of the Chateau that could help them both solve their financial problems. Not a shocker they don't just team up as "friends".

The beginning of this book I struggled- I felt like the writing and story line were disjointed. Halfway through i enjoyed this story much more and found it a good read.