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A Scatter of Light is the story of Aria, who has been sent to live with her grandmother for the summer before she heads off to MIT. She makes some new friends that show her that there's more to romance and relationships than she had previously understood. She also spends time exploring her love for astronomy and art, as she slowly repairs her confidence and her relationships with her parents after a scandalous incident that occurred before she graduated.

I think the writing is absolutely gorgeous. The words act as an artwork themselves in a book that focuses intensely on art and its various mediums. It's a very sweet queer romance that I loved watching unfold. There are steamy moments and some tear inducing ones.

I found the characters to be engaging and convincing. The book was a really quick read, and the romance was compelling. I found the events near the end and the ending itself to be a little lackluster. It felt like some things were done more for shock and awe than actually driving the plot forward. I also didn't care for the ambiguousness of the ending. In a book this short, I really wanted everything to wrap up more concretely.

I think this was a really good read, and I'd recommend it to fans of queer YA romance. But, it did feel rushed in places, and I wish there had been more time to develop certain plot points much further than they were. The cover art is obviously breathtaking, and I love the artistic way that it ties into the text itself.