Sweet coming of age

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I really enjoyed my first Malinda Lo novel. Sometimes I feel like queer coming of age is the "historical fiction" of the 2020's (ie, everyone and their grandma has a book about it), and sometimes I want to be a bit harsh in reviewing these books, just because the sheer volume of them makes me want them to have to prove themselves, in a sense. However, this book grabbed me instantly and I fell in love with the characters right away. Aria felt so identifiable and real, the struggles that she goes through with boys and with friendships, and the way she evolves and grows into herself during her summer with Joan. I would have liked to have known Joan a bit more, as she felt like such a firmly rooted presence in Aria's life but I felt like that relationship wasn't as fully developed as some of the others. However this book is definitely going to remain on my shelf because it was so well written and engaging. I will definitely be seeking out Lo's other work!