Queer coming of age

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This is a beautifully written story of a girl caught between past and future coming into herself and her queer identity. Set primarily in 2013 after the Supreme Court found that banning same sex marriages violates equal protection under the law. Aria is 18 and it is the summer between high school and college. She had lots of summer plans which fell apart after a boy took pictures of her without a shirt on and published them on the internet. She is quickly uninvited and her parents feel she needs the supervision of her grandmother for the summer. The first person she meets is Steph, her grandmother’s gardener and she quickly makes friends with Steph and her group of friends who all happen to be queer. Aria is soon. Caught off guard by feelings of a crush on Steph which wouldn’t be a problem if Steph wasn’t in a relationship with another girl in the group Lisa. The summer is full of reflection for Aria. Truly a wonderful story, poetic and full of beauty.