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I really like the author's way of describing the grandmother's painting: " Long, golden sweeps of
light across doorways and honeyed wooden doors." I like how this reminds the main character of better times (like spending time with her grandmother and grandfather and smelling the wildgrasses. It's interesting that Aria chooses not to disclose who she is to the woman who sits next to her and starts discussing the paintings and photography with her. "The plane smelled like bathroom cleaner and somebody’s egg- and- cheese bagel" - this line made me laugh out loud because there really are some very peculiar smells on airplanes. I enjoyed Aria's imagination where she says: "I began to imagine my body
passing through it, envisioning my skin and bones as individual cells
and then singular atoms and then only photons— energy itself." Mostly I enjoyed that excerpt because I too have tried to imagine my skin and bones as individual cells. This is a very interesting read and I'm sure I would enjoy reading the book in it's entirety.