I love this book!

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I was really looking forward to reading "A Scatter of Light," and I'm so so happy that it didn't disappoint. "Last Night at the Telegraph Club" has been on my radar for a while, and while I didn't get to read that book before this one, I loved ASOL completely and am even more excited to pick LNATTC up.

It feels like this book was made with exactly my tastes in mind. It's a queer coming of age story that combines elements of first love and grieving. And art. So much art! The story is centered around a queer art community filled with complicated, messy characters who end up changing the course of Aria's life.

What really makes this book special to me is the writing. Malinda Lo is on another level in YA, writing with such beauty and clarity that I felt every emotion x10. It's bittersweet, and made me sad and angry, but also so hopeful for these characters. I love this book with my whole heart.