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The book seems great but I had to put it down before I could get very far into it. Aria’s grandmother, Joan, started to give me death flags so I starting thumbing through to endish of the book to see if she dies. She does, and I’m not really mentally in a place where I can read about a grandmother who’s going to die right now.

My initial thoughts are that the book isn’t really fast paced, it’s rather slow, which usually isn’t my style, but I was interested enough to want to keep going. I’m really interested in what’s going to happen with Aria’s story so I will pick up this book in the future. I really found her feelings about her mother really relatable and I can tell that this story is going to be one of self discovery. I can’t really judge too much of the book yet because I haven’t finished but I did want to give the thoughts that I’ve had so far. I look forward to reading it when I’m in a better headspace