Did not enoy it at all

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The book is incredibly slow. I don't think I found a single thing happening in the entire book compelling or interesting. I found most of the characters completely unlikable but not in a fun way or a way that enhanced the story. I did like Joan, but not enough to make up for the rest of the characters.

I was not a fan of Steph and Aria's relationship because of the cheating. Steph knew she was cheating on Lisa, Aria knew Steph was cheating on Lisa and yet they both continued their relationship. Yuck.

I did not realize this book is a companion novel for Last Night At The Telegraph Club until I had it in hand. Perhaps the book would be more enjoyable if I'd read that one first. I wasn't confused about anything in this book, but I didn't enjoy or particularly care about any of the characters and maybe reading the other book would have helped in that area. Though that seems unlikely since Kath and Lily (the characters the blurb mentions from Last Night At The Telegraph Club) are hardly in it.

I'm sure it has its audience, but it was just not for me.

Also, and I'm not holding this against the book in the rating, I'm not at all a fan of the way the book is laid out. There are no chapter headers which I found really annoying.