Bittersweet coming of age story

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Bittersweet coming of age story that is a lovely companion to Last Night at the Telegraph Club. The ending is highly realistic given Aria’s situation, but it hurt to read all the same. I hate to compare it to Telegraph Club, but this book didn’t pack the same emotional punch for me, although I found it personally relatable from a queer perspective of trying to make sense of life and sexuality.

I liked how focused the cast of characters was, and Aria’s family relationships with her paternal grandmother, father, and somewhat estranged mother were just as interesting as her friendships and romantic relationships.

This book is part fantasy for the baby queer that’s still somewhere inside me, wishing for a group of queer friends to adopt me into their circle and to have a sense of community fulfilled. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book even if it wasn’t all sunshine and roses either.

Lo does a beautiful job of bringing realism to romance and relationships while also writing some gorgeous prose and symbolism.