Beautiful coming of age story

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After loving Malinda Lo's "Last Night at the Telegraph Club", I was delighted to hear about the companion novel, "A Scatter of Light." While the structure of "A Scatter of Light" is different and the setting is modern-day rather than historical, it still embodies the spirit of "Last Night at the Telegraph Club," exploring emotions and day-to-day life in a beautiful coming-of-age story. Although Aria Tang West unhappily arrives in California to spend the summer with her grandmother, Joan, it's the catalyst for a journey of self-discovery. After befriending Joan's gardener Steph, Aria is introduced to the queer community and experiences an attraction that makes her reflect and question who she is. Meanwhile, spending time with her grandmother leads Aria to turn to art as a new outlet for exploring her new feelings. Lo's writing is so heartfelt and full of life, and I highly recommend this YA novel to anyone who loves a slice-of-life read.