Astronomy, Art, and Queer Girls

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I read this ARC just after finishing the previous book in the psuedo-duo, Last Night At the Telegraph club. A Scatter of Light claimed to include a glimpse at Lily and Kath's current lives, but by 'glimpse' they really meant subtle peek/brief newspaper clipping. For the most part A Scatter of Light was an entirely new story, set in modern day, with a fresh cast of characters. And honestly this did not disappoint me at all. LNATTG (wow, that's a long acronym) was a drag- it's historical setting to me felt like it confined the whole story into one house, one alleyway, and one bar. A Scatter of Light, however, seemed to open up vastly with its coastline summer setting, like a huge breath of fresh air compared the the previous book. Every character felt more relatable, and I found the relationship between Steph and the MC more interesting, although I seem to have already forgotten our MC's name. ;-;