An excellent coming of age story

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This book is a really good companion novel that also stands alone!
Set in Northern California in 2013, this book follows a girl named Aria who is sent to live with her grandmother for the summer after a bullying incident at her high school. In California, she makes friends that are queer and she begins to wonder about her own sexuality. She also gets to learn more about her family history from her grandma and others.
I appreciated that this was a coming of age story without being a romance. Again, this is NOT A ROMANCE. One of my main complaints about this book is that it does have infidelity as a big plot point. It’s not presented as a good thing or acceptable, but it is a major part of the book.
Although 2013 was not that long ago, at times this almost feels like historical fiction because it’s really focused on capturing the impact of Proposition 8 and the battle for legalizing gay marriage. As someone who lived in California during those years, this book resonated.
As a companion to Last Night at the Telegraph Club, this is amazing. It shows the progress of laws and how the country and culture have changed over the last 60ish years! I also loved getting to learn more about what happened to Lily and Kath after the first book ended. Despite some imperfections, I’m extremely glad I read this book!