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YA Fantasy Done Right

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Eva is turning seventeen in a months time which means her life will be over soon. At least that's what her sister, Isa, and everyone else thinks. Without the use of her rare magick, she does not stand a chance against her very advanced older sister.

In a story where we are introduced to a character that SHOULD be the most powerful being in her kingdom but isn't, this was a very refreshing take on YA Fantasy. Eva hates her powers, loathes them, and would rather die than be in control of something that was once used to subjugate and discriminate long before her time. She accepts her fate, hell, she even proudly seems to enjoy her final days until she realizes she has work to do.

I'm leaving out valuable pieces of information because YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK. Fantasy political intrigue, castle dynamics, various magical races, legacies and an abundance of well-thought out lore await you! What are you doing still reading this review? GO!