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Sibling Rivalry

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I am not typically a young adult book fan. However, I have been on a fantasy genre kick lately and this one added to my craving. First, the cover was really cool, but seemed a little off from the story descriptions. It appears to be showcasing the two sisters, Isa and Eva, who are destined to battle for the throne. This is the first book in a new series by Amanda Joy. I loved all of the fantasy language including the spelling of the word magick and myre. Fantasy is often a very hard realm to navigate through, but Joy did a good job of allowing for the reader to flow through the world. I felt as if the story could be longer. The cliffhanger left you wanting more, which is great since this is a series. It really was a great ending though. I also wish there would have been more seeing of the sisters' relationship than just being told how everything was going. This was really super fast paced and it did not allow for proper knowing of the characters, especially Isadore.