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Absolutely Enchanting!

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There are many reasons why A River of Royal Blood is one of my favorite reads so far this year. One of them being the beautifully descriptive writing. The author managed to appeal to all of my senses throughout every chapter of the book, I truly felt like I was there within its pages. My favorite description had to have been the chatara(dance of new lovers). It has been a very long time since a book gave me chills and the dance scenes truly did the trick! Amanda Joy’s new take on the different magicks and how each one works was refreshing and interesting. From Eva’s ability to be able to smell each individuals magic to the brutal act itself of using her powers. We watch Eva struggle to come to terms with the power she has been born with and prepare to fight her sister to the death.
This plot moved smoothly with minimal holes, I found myself always on my toes in the best way possible. I have very few complaints, those being that in some spots the pacing of the story seemed to quicken to a point where a scenes reasoning gets lost, or confusion occurs as to how the scene started to begin with. The other complaint being that I feel as if it ended very abruptly, I’m hoping there will be a sequel and maybe some revisions to the end of the novel. All in all though A River of Royal Blood was an enchanting read that took me out of a two month long reading slump. I highly recommend this diverse fantasy to anyone looking for a new twist on magic, sorrow, bloodlust, and much more. I’m excited to see where the author goes with Eva and her entourage as I’ve grown fond of them all. (Especially Anali and Baccha). A 4/5 star read for me!