A Fantastic Fantasy

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All the elements were terrific and I also just loved Joy’s writing style, it was fantastic and so vibrant.

Sister rivalry doesn’t get used enough or if it does it tends to be romance centered and so this, to do with power and becoming queen? It was amazing and perfection. *Chef’s kiss*

There’s so much more to be revealed and yet this was a really full and fleshed out journey with Eva finding out so much about herself, her past, and her own desires for the future.

Family secrets, powerful women, dangerous politics, magic, fighting destiny…what more could I want in a fantasy?

5/5 Cups of coffee from me and I cannot wait for book 2, A Queen of Gilded Horns, out March 2021! I wish this was a longer review but this is what happens when you wait months to write a review. It’s amazing, go forth and read it if you like!