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“What I’m about to say will affect so many lives for so many years to come. What I’m about to say might decide everything.”

Stella is an eigtheen year old accused of a brutal murder.
She lives in the perfect family, her father is a pastor and her mother a criminal defense attorney.
But did Stella really commit the crime she is being accused for?
How far as a parent will you go to protect the ones you love?
A Nearly Normal family it’s an intriguing psychological thriller full of unexpected twists that kept me turning pages until the end.
I loved that it was told from three different points of view, Stella’s, her father and her mother, it really helped to understand each character and their actions.
I totally recomend it.

“We were a perfectly ordinary family, and then everything changed.”

“It takes a long time to build a life, but only an instant for it to crumble.”

“Just as there are different sort of truths, there must be different sort of lies. White lies, for example — I’ve never shied away from those. Better a kind lie than a hurtful truth, I’ve always thought.”