Family drama with rotating viewpoints

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An intimate and gripping look at 3 family members dealing with a crisis and reflecting on the events and decisions that got them to this point.

I found it pretty fascinating to explore each family members' understanding of events and to discover the lies they were telling each other - and themselves.

i enjoyed the mix of court room, present day, and past storylines to present a full picture of what was happening - it kept the plot moving at a steady clip and I never stopped wondering 'What the heck happened? What is the truth?'

The biggest weakness for me was Stella's relationship with the counselor in prison. She was so closed off to her, like she was most people, and then all of sudden opened up to her. I just found it to be out of character and unlikely to happen that suddenly.

Overall, though, this did not disappoint and kept me guessing to the very, very end.