Enjoyable Legal Thriller

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A Nearly Normal Family is about Stella, an 18 year old young woman who is accused of murder. Her father is the local pastor for the Church of Sweden. Her mother is a lawyer. They are the epitome of a perfect family. Stella has a best friend named Amica that she has grown up with. Stella is the trouble-maker and Amica is the ideal child.

The book starts from the perspective of the father. He comes across as arrogant and he makes Stella sound like the stereotypical pastor's kid (spoiled and does no wrong). I was glad when the perspective changed to Stella and her side of the story. This part of the book flew by. The last section of the book was from the perspective of Stella's mother. At this point, there were 100 pages left, it was past my normal bedtime and I couldn't put the book down. I needed to know what happened. Who did it?

This book is translated to English from Swedish. There are a few places where the translation isn't very smooth, but it doesn't take away from the overall story. I also really appreciated the very short chapters, reminded me of a John Grisham novel.