Unique Tea Magic

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A Magic Steeped in Poison is a YA fantasy book, part of my favorite genre! First off, can we take a moment to appreciate the cover. It is so stunning with beautiful colors and designs. This book follows Ning, whose mother died from poisoned tea. Ning feels as if it is her fault and her sister is also now dying from poisoned tea. She joins a competition to find the greatest tea master because the reward could help save her sister. This is the first book in a duopoly, and although it ended in a cliffhanger I'm not even mad because I only have to wait a few months for the second book. This book has a lot of mythology throughout it. It also has a really unique magic system that sets it apart from other books! People can create illusions, emotions and imbue strength and healing with it. There's also strong female characters and LGBT+ representation in this book.