I loved it A LOT.

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This was a distinctive story with genre's full of fantasy, mythology and mystery. The book was written fantasticly. I was easily drawn to the wonderful book because of the cover, that sparked my interest and I stayed for the even more wonderful story that unraveled. We meet our amazing, bright and marvelous Ning. We follow her along her journey. As she joins a competition in the hopes of winning the reward money to heal her sister who was poisoned by tea.

The writing style is addictive, quick and easy to follow. It was more like the book was reading me.

The book cover easily wins the 2022 most gorgeous eye candy book cover award. The outstanding pinks, the astonishing fish, and the overall great and phenomenal design. Was and is so very pleasing to the eye. Simply said, it's quite wonderful and breathtaking to look at.
The cliffhanger had me shook!