Such an Insightful Domestic Thriller

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I am a fan of domestic thrillers and read a lot of them. And this book was was definitely a pleasant surprise - an excellent domestic thriller. With so many different characters with so many different layers, I was captivated from page 1 all the way through the end. I especially liked how it was told from two points of view - the deceased and the lawyer trying to figure it out. You really got to know both women, who both were imperfect, both had pasts (although I did start getting their pasts mixed up!), and both had a full character arc. I have to applaud the author's ingenuity in the way she got a defense attorney to act as a primary investigator in a murder case - this was a perspective I hadn't seen before, but thoroughly enjoyed. I would've liked to see more about the children, but even with the well-done characters, you still got surprised at the end.