Kept Me Engaged

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When attorney Lizzie gets a frantic call one night from an old law school friend Zac, she reluctantly agrees to help him. He stands accused of murdering his wife Amanda. While Lizzie does not personally believe Zac killed his wife, the deck is stacked against him. Lizzie works tirelessly to prove Zac’s innocence, but something doesn’t add up. Before she knows it everyone’s secrets are about to be exposed, including her own.

A Good Marriage is told from three perspectives: Lizzie, an attorney for a big law firm who is hired by Zack Grayson to defend him in his wife’s murder case, Amanda, the wife who was murdered, telling her story in the days up to her death, and grand jury testimonies from other people who were at the party the night Amanda was killed.

I flew through A Good Marriage. The style really worked for me and kept me engaged. It keeps you guessing, unsure who in the story you can really trust, including both narrators. The ending pleasantly surprised me, something I find to be rare for thrillers. On top of the main plot of murder, there’s a subtle element of cybercrime that truly intrigued me.

I thoroughly recommend A Good Marriage for fans of thrillers! Thank you to Harper Collins, Netgalley, and BookishFirst for the review copy! All opinions are my own.