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"A Good Marriage" is a domestic and small-part legal thriller that is a fun ride as secrets get uncovered and a girl is murdered. We follow Lizzie, an attorney who gets saddled with representing an old law-school friend, Zach, after he is jailed for assaulting an office and also winds up being the main suspect in his wife's murder. Lizzie doesn't believe Zach is guilty, but as his own secrets unfold in the case she begins to question her gut feeling. Could she see Zach committing this crime? Lizzie is also dealing with her own marital issues, so Lizzie sure does have her plate full.
The other POV is told through Amanda, the girl who gets murdered, and her days leading up to her death. We learn that Amanda has secrets of her own and a very lackluster marriage. Who is responsible for Amanda's death?

The beginning of this novel was a little slow for me. There were more structural, law-driven descriptions than character or story development for roughly the first 100 pages. However, once the secrets and new information start being revealed, I was hooked! I do wish there were more court procedural information throughout the book but once you reach the conclusion it's understandable why there was not. I would definitely recommend this book to those who like domestic thrillers. Thank you BookishFirst and HarperCollins Publishers for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.