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This was a very thoroughly enjoyable read! I loved the diversity and representation in this book, with a sapphic romance and Asian main characters. It’s not often enough that we see this representation and I’m so glad we’re starting to see more!

Xiang and Anh had great chemistry and it was so much fun to watch their relationship progress and root for their success. It was a slow burn romance, so at times I got a little impatient (as one does) but it paid off so well in the end! The one bed trope is an all time favorite of mine, and all that romantic tension added so much to the story.

The found family element of this book was also nice and it reminded me of the Six of Crows gang. The side characters didn’t steal the spotlight from Xiang and Anh, but they were still fun to read about.

The first bit was rather slow for my liking, but as the plot progresses and moves forward it picks up and by the last third it was fast paced and I was glued to the book.