Great Treasure Island Remix

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I really enjoyed reading this book! I thought the intricacies of pirate life was written in great detail and there's amazing descriptions of the culture, food, trade, the things that would identify in the Asian culture as a whole. As a Viet American, I was so thrilled that the book shares characters and cultures between Chinese and Vietnamese.

Ching Shih is also in this book which I think is quote fascinating since she is known to be the most famous and successful female pirate. I like how the author included some historical figures into the story.

Xiang and Anh are fantastic. Their dymanic is one to behold. While they met under unusual circumstances, Anh stealing Xiang's pendant only to return it and recruit her to find hidden treasure, their bond and love only grew from there. They really valued each others thoughts and feelings. This is a great read and I recommend it!