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This is the first novel in C. B. Lee's latest series and it read so promisingly that I can't wait for more! (I hadn't read anything by Lee previously, either.) A truly unique pirate novel, though in a way I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this kind of representation, and a very exciting one. It is a remake of Treasure Island set in 1826 and in the South China Sea. The main characters are unusual for a pirate story, too, Anh and Xiang.

The book starts off somewhat slowly giving a lot of background but kicks off into a more exciting pace further in, after a major incident. The love story of the book is charming, and the level of diverse representation admirable without being forced. There were a few more predictable twists than others, but still a very suspenseful retelling of the original - and very fun, entertaining, and creative. I'm looking forward to more of Lee's work, this was a great starting point for me!