A highly enjoyable read!

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Rating: 4/5 stars

I haven't read a pirate book is so long! And this book was highly enjoyable.
A Clash of Steel follows the main character, Shi Xiang, who has lived in this small village all her life, while her mom traveled without her. When her mom comes to visit, Xiang convinces her to let her go with her and teach her how to run her tea house in the city. After traveling there, she finds Anh, who helps her find the treasure map that's been hidden in the necklace she's been wearing most of her life. Xiang, trying to prove herself to her mom, joins Anh and her crew on a search to find the hidden treasure the map leads to.

I really like this authors writing and how she made her characters.
Anh and Xiang we're spectacular characters and I loved their slow burn romance.

This book has sapphic pirates, diversity and a good plot!
Next time you're at the bookstore make sure to pick up this book!