A Fantastic Remix!

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"A Clash of Steel: A Treasure Island Remix" by CB Lee is the story of Xiang, a teenager who's spent her life trapped in a tiny village and finally gets a chance to visit the big city with her mother, and prove she's capable of more. While in Canton, she meets a girl named Anh, and discovers that the precious necklace she wears from her long dead father, is actually a locket that hides treasure map and the key to finding legendary pirate Zheng Yi Sao's hidden treasures.

I really enjoyed this one! Like with most classics, I expected it to be a little dense. The rich language and descriptions set up the world and characters nicely but I do wish the pacing had been a bit faster at points. I loved Xiang's character, even with all her naïveté, and seeing her grow into someone who can hold her own (figuratively and literally) was very rewarding. I also loved the relationship between Xiang and Anh! I was constantly clutching my heart and thinking THEY'RE SO CUTE!!