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So many feels

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This book is overfull with the feels, so much so that one can forgive the somewhat simple storytelling. Not that that was bad. After all, we're supposed to believe he story is being written by a seventeen year old girl who has not been to a creative writing class.
This is a coming of age story, about a girl and her single mother. For years, KT thought she knew who her father was, even thought he and her mother were divorced. She decided that now was the time to meet and get to know her other parent, so she could have a better idea of where she came from. It turns out that he's not her father. She was a sperm donor child. First she looks for possible half siblings, only to find she already knows them. Then the real hunt begins. It would be all to easy to tell you who the donor dad is, but then you wouldn't need to read the book and you would miss the journey. The journey is the point of the book.
I received the copy of this book from Bookish for this review.