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Not What I Thought

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I grew up with "Somewhere Out There." As I child I was moved by its inclusion in An American Tale and it has also made me feel emotions and often brings me to tears. So when I read this book, written by the same person, I was looking for a moving, emotional tale.
The setup is perfect for a deep story. Three teens find out that their father was actually a donor at a sperm bank. These three teens are very different but each feels like they are missing something because they don't know the truth about themselves. So they set out to find their biological father and learn who they are. From there the story turns into a joyride with a variety of almost comical events happening. The ending is sugar coated but without much depth.
So 806 is really a fun buddy romp with very stereotypical characters for those who are interested in that kind of thing. But that's not what was looking for.