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Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: I had never really thought about sperm-donor kids before.

Check out author's other books? Probably.

Recommend this book? Yes.

Notes and Opinions: This was a cute adventure book. I had never really thought about kids with sperm-donor parents before this book. I have known adopted kids and in fact, my best friend is adopted but I have known very few if any that have had a sperm-donor as a parent. Which surprised me a lot to think about honestly, I know many gay couples who have children but I guess I always assumed they just adopted, I had never thought too hard on the other options out there for them as well as for parents where one is sterile. So I really enjoyed this book and it taking me out of my comfort zone but still teaching me that "You never know what amazing things can happen". I loved the adventure these kids had in finding their bio dad and the obstacles that were presented. There were parts that felt a little too fairytale-like but I truly enjoyed the read.

Go Into This One Knowing: These kids will do anything to find their bio dad including stealing, lying and being sneaky. This is about kids finding their sperm-donor parent which can be a touchy subject with some people.